wink from a man in the USA

by Ladylego » 15 Sep 2018

I'm very new to this site and can't read any messages at the moment. Having read though some post, there seems enough men and women on hear to make every one happy, so is there a reason there's not more hook ups? I've had a wink from a man in the USA , he looks and sounds amazing . But I can't help wonder with all the sexy women in the USA why he would be will to give me a baby. Lord he's everything I could want, but you know what they say , if something to good to be ture it normaly is. After 47 years I've learnt one thing, dreams don't come ture. If they did I would have a family , someone who love me and a home and a car with aircon and dogs. Lol . But I don't have that however I'm very luck that I was given and wonderful son, who's doing so well at collage And I'm slowing turning in to the cat lady from The Simpson . Hey you have to laugh .

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