There is nothing more I wish for...

by Ednam37 » 20 Nov 2017

Being blessed with a child, would be the most wonderful thing in my life.
I am currently living in a relationship, which does not have the possibility to create such magic. Regardless of the time and energy we put into making things work, I am not ready to give up on my dream of becoming a mother at least once in my life. I am 37 shortly and I have registered on this site as a step towards my dreams.
Since a hopeless romance is suffocating me with its unmanaged anxieties and other destructive elements including occasional alcohol overindulging of my partner, I feel I need to make a difference soon. I need to go forward in my life. I would like to be in a preferably romantic relationship with the father of my child, but I cannot offer my heart straight away.
I can only consider co-parenting with someone healthy, conscious and sober. A straight man who is responsible and willing to raise our child together for the first 5 years at least. Perhaps even marry with a prenup and raise our child or children according to holistic principals focused on education, business and science.
It is very important that my co-parent partner has a stable and healthy family background, free from addictions and disturbing issues, conflicts or illnesses or at least does all he possibly can in order to avoid creating. I am from a loving, caring and sober family and I am happy to lead and guide in serious partnership with correct agreements and fair responsibilities. I am a good cook and I love to bake from healthy ingredients. I am creative and I have my own business to occupy my mind with, so I don’t need entertainment and destructions like TV and booze. Financially I am independent and I am the saving type of person, so that I can bring the optimal education to my children and help improve the health of my family.

If you have any questions, just ask, please. Don’t worry to go deep, that’s were true answers are what you need for such connections.

by sun99 » 24 Nov 2017

like to talk more abt it

by Jeff1970 » 25 Jun 2018

Hello Ednam37,

I would help if you contact me jeff1970 or ***

by Chris39 » 15 Jul 2018


Where are you based? And what donation method are you looking for?

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