tell me basically how AI works

by Helen74 » 23 Jan 2012

Hello i am new to this, can you please tell me basically how AI works after you have chosen a sperm donor ?

by Sals1 » 26 Jan 2012

Helen74 wrote:Hello i am new to this, can you please tell me basically how AI works after you have chosen a sperm donor ?

Hey there!

Sals1 here... Daddy and donor father to 4 kids :-)

The nitty gritty of it is that using a sterile syringe, you suck up you sperm sample and then insert the syringe into your vagina & squirt the sperm into it, much the same way as sex works. Then you try to remain flat on your back for as long as possible to give the wrigglers a chance to do their thing.

assuming that you time it right and you donor's contribution is a good one, then you should be pregnant sooner rather than later....

See ya!

by Shell55 » 19 Feb 2012

Myself and my husband have just joined after trying for 2 and a half years for our second baby, we have recently found out that my husbands sperm has low motility so our chances are slim.
We are very interested as to how this works? how does the sample get to the woman? any advice would be greatly recieved!!! :D
We are desperate for another baby!!

by kimberz » 24 Feb 2012

just joined tonight. my husband and cant have children due to him only having blanks, if you know that i mean. anyway, we both really love children and i am desprate to become a mother.
i understand we pick a donor. i understand with AI the sample in a cup and quick suringe into lady parts. however whats happens in the middle? and where does the insemination take place?

by willow7 » 29 Feb 2012

I am also finding out about AI as I think I may have found my donor but need to know how it all works. How long after ejaculation have you got before it needs to enter the vagina?

by linda43 » 06 Mar 2012

Hi - I am new to this as well but from what I have gathered so far when you read a profile you like the sound of make contact with a quick hi and or questions. My main question has been do you AI and have you been successful in the past. Depending on the response you then arrange to 'meet up' obviously in their home town (book hotel room) and definatly around ovulation time. When you meet up they should hand you the sperm after they have done the business then leave, you should then pop it up. I picked up a AI kit from ebay it has 3 large necked sample pots, syrgienes,(spelt wrong), ovulation testers and pregnancy tests.....good luck

by mommy25 » 14 Mar 2012

Hi everyone,
When using donor sperm for AI how do you know the sperm is safe to use (disease & infection free)??
Do you ask for tests to be done, Is the something they can get to prove these tests have been carried out and all results are clear??

Hope someone can help me with this information & Good Luck to everyone! xx

by tjane » 16 May 2012

hi, i have asked all my protentials for test results and cross reference with id. i meet with them just for a coffee to discuss the involement they want and work out other details for dates etc. i always meet in a public place and inform my closes friend who try to also be there (another table at cafe) to make sure i am safe and also check all is ok. i wish all the best and hope you all find your donor.

by jenpen » 09 Jul 2012

Hiya, this is exactly the stuff I am insure about too!
One of you mentions tests and cross referencing, what test? Where from?
I'm guessing from what a couple of you have said that it's best to both be in the same place at the same time to inseminate AI, that seems reasonable.
Do the guys like some sort of contract or agreement? Especially regarding finances? What about father's name on the birth cert?

Any and all help/experiences/advice greatly appreciated, it's feeling like a bit of a mine field at the mo, I'm sure when I'm furnished with more information it will be clearer.

Many thanks to all in advance for your time and consideration,

by Boris11 » 28 Jul 2012

Hi everyone

I am a sperm donor with experience in this field. here is the answer to most of your questions.

1. for you as a sperm recipient you have to ask yourself what would be your ideal match? then you look for the donor you ticks your boxes . if you wish to co-parent find someone you feel the same and your child can have his lat name, financial support and active relationship with him.

2. exchange e-mail and plan to meet him in a public place and make sure you write down all the questions you wish to ask him as you might forget to ask crucial information.

3. if he is your potential match then ask him to conduct STD's test and his clinic should give him a certificate to prove it.

4. make sure you agreed on the insemination method ,I would recommend A.I (artificial insemination) and buy an insemination kit (cup + syringe) online to do the job for you in your own privacy.

5. track down your fertility days. you are fertile from day11-15 from the day you saw your period and you should contact your donor to book him in advance for the insemination.

-you are fertile from day 11-15 and your egg is released on the day 15.
-book your hotel room on the day 13 and day 15 and try insemination on both days to increase the chances of success.
* the liquid found in the female's private parts normally kill sperms but once you are in your fertile period that liquid becomes friendly to the sperm which is why healthy sperms can swim 3-4 days max waiting for the egg to be released on the day 15.

6.plan to meet your donor in a hotel room accompanied by your friend or family to make sure you are safe.

7.Remind your donor to not undergo any sexual activity 2-5 days max before the donation and on the day you meet him make sure you double check your donor's ID card and and sure his name matches the certificate, and the dates are recent.

8.( A.I) once he gives you his sperm in the cup , he should leave the room then you put his sperm quickly in the syringe and inseminate . remember sperms outside the body start to die after 20-60min max.

9. if you and your donor are both fertile and you have made no mistakes in the process you should be pregnant 2 weeks later.

good luck with everything and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you or need any advise


by jade198 » 13 Aug 2012

Im new to all this but I do know a little bit about fertilisation, ovulation cycles and sperms ability to survive outside of the body. A womans fertile days depend on her own individual cycle, most women ovulate 14 days before her next period is due, therefore from 2 days before and 2 days after this point is the best time to inseminate. It is best to track the last few months of your cycle so that you can work out when your fertile days are most likely meant to be. Ovulation sticks are also useful. In terms of sperm once they have been ejaculated into the sterile pot they need to settle before being used (aproximately 10 minutes). When inseminating the sperm into the vagina it is best not to use too much force and to remain in a semi rumbent position (on your back with legs up and pelvis tilted) for aproximately 30 mins. I havent done any of this myself but have done a lot of wider reading and deal with fertility and fertilisation as part of my job. Good luck everyone :)

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