tall sperm donor available in europe

by simNL » 18 Jul 2012

Hi i'm Sim, i am available as a sperm donor in Europe. ( can travel )

Some info:
tall, 2m, dark blond hair, blue eyes, uni degree,

Donor info:
I have a full set of STD tests from a clinic and also an semen test, this was 73 million per ml and 86% alive, ( over 500 million in total ) i also tested CMV negative, this is also important.(see Google ) I have successfully been a donor before and already received some nice baby pictures, happy stories and even a baby movie.

I am not looking for sex or becoming a father.

More about me: I like sports, travelling, friends, nature, reading , painting, making music and movies.

Why be a donor? besides helping others, i like it when there is a baby with someone i like and in a good place, i'd like to get an update now and then ( like every year if that is oke ) and some photos over the mail. If he / she is 16/18 i am willing to meet should there be the need.

I am looking for a responsible, kind woman or (lesbian) couple that prefers a known donor but don’t want to co-parent. If it all works out, it is also possible to get in contact with people that i have already helped (exchange baby pictures and so and maybe make new friends, but if you would like to stay anonymous to them that is also oke )

I can either donate in a clinic or AI (use a cup) ( i will give you full privacy )

If you are interested, you can send me an e-mial: ******

Looking forward …… getting a response :)

by Dance42 » 22 Mar 2013

Please message me! I'm very interested and would love to talk more!

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