Taking the last trier to get a suitable coparent

by Kazy75 » 18 Sep 2017

I I have posted like twice here but not getting active and dedicated mother.
I am making the last attempt and believe some one somewhere who really want to have baby will contact and let make the dream of having baby together come true.

by Tas123 » 19 Oct 2017

Hi K

Have you found a match or are you still looking for a co-parent match?
What kind of co-parenting agreement are you looking for? 50/50?
What method of insemination? AI or PI or NI?

You can direct message me if you like.


by Kazy75 » 23 Oct 2017

I read your reply and happy for the interest you has shown
Relating to your question the coparent I am looking after is not 50-50 all I want is access to the child and play active fatherly role
On method of donation I am not keen on particular method it depends on what will suite your likeness.
For further information and question kindly message me

by Kazy75 » 24 Oct 2017

Hello Tas123
I am yet to find any rightful lady therefore I am still searching.
On your question I am not keen on the percentage of access to the baby all I want is to play my fatherly role.
On method of donation I am ok by any method that will suit you.
Kindly get back to me if you are still interested

by Sachie » 03 Nov 2017

Hi K,If both of you don't agree to have a child: talk to me.

by Kazy75 » 04 Nov 2017

Hi Sachie
Actually ever since she post me a reply she has not reply to my message again.
Base on that reason I think we can talk and agree to coparent together.
Kindly send me a private message.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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