Sydney: Single male looking for co-parent

by justify » 13 Jan 2013

I'm a genuine man who is genuine, financially stable and has good judgement, morals and integrity.

Looking for a genuine woman who wants to fulfil her dream of becoming a parent.

Does this sound like you?

by Sen25 » 19 Jan 2013

Hi there,

My name is sarah and am also seeking a co-parent partner. I have seen ur profile and would like to know a little more about you if thats ok as im hoping to get started on the process as soon as humanly possible and need to find the right person to share this role with.


by Bella7 » 23 Jan 2013

Hi there,

My name is Belle and I live in Newcastle, just up the road.

I really liked your profile especially the bits about good values and integrity.

I havent found the right man as yet and have been unwilling to settle for a relationship just to have a child. I dont want to miss out on being a mother because of this, even though the idea of going it alone or co parenting is a bit daunting. Im willing to explore the options but will only do it if it is good for a child. Im not selfish.

I have just turned 41 so its now or never time and I am just looking at how i could do this as a single woman. I think if a co parenting or donor situation could work it would be great. I really want my child to have a father or at least know about their donor and conception story. Ive read lots of research on all this.

I have always worked with children and I am a teacher of art at an art gallery at the moment. I have a degree in fine art and Im really creative. Im fairly intelligent, warm and kind. I love the arts, nature and people.I love kids and have a heart as big as the ocean. I have a loving family and a great bunch of supportive friends. No one is perfect but Im pretty sure Id be a good mum. :D

Im not sure if you are still looking for a co parent but if you are and I sound like a possible person, I am willing to chat about it.


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