SWM ISO surrogate or partner to raise a child or children

by char976 » 22 May 2012

I am a 41 year old white male, 6'5", lt. brown hair, cut short, blue eyes, good looking, single, never been married, and I want a child of my own if I never meet a woman to marry. I can give you a second child or more if you want some too; I would prefer to raise my own son, as most men want a son but would love to have a daughter as well; many men just want to teach their own son to be a man and do guy things with throughout life and carry on the line, etc.

I am not asking a potential mother to be out of the child's life, but if you don't want to be involved, you don't have to be. I have a large and supportive family who would help to love and raise the child.

I am well-educated with a degree in psychology and almost another degree in computer science. I was so focused on school and work in earlier years that I didn't date as much as I probably should have, or those that I dated weren't ones I would want to be with long-term. So I never took the marriage plunge and I was always careful not to get someone pregnant if I didn't want to be with them or couldn't afford a child at the time.

I want to have a child before I get too much older. I live in the south, in Alabama, but am planning to soon move to Orlando, FL, for work at a drug rehab or perhaps even Walt Disney World. I am not wealthy but can take care of myself well and am financially stable.

I wouldn't mind finding someone who is looking for a friendship/partner even if they don't want a marriage or LTR to have kids together and raise them together; we could live together or nearby each other and both be in the child/children's lives.

Let me know if this is something you are interested in. I am more into white, hispanic/latino native american, or pacific islander women; I am not generally interested in black or asian women; not that I'm racist, they just usually don't turn me on. I would rather a natural pregnancy but will definitely consider artificial insemination.

I am also willing to be a sperm donor to multiple recipients, however I would love to at least see pictures of my child periodically if I am donating for a couple, and the best-case scenario would be to be able to see my child from time to time, however you choose. I have donated before, many years ago while in college, and I was told I had multiple women choose my sperm through a clinic, though I only saw one of my sons once (I agreed when donating that I didn't have to ever see my kids or have anything to do with them, but was donating to help others, and I had no legal rights to see them or spend time with them), yet the moms refused to let me ever see him again if I didn't fork over a lot of money to them. I am not into being blackmailed because I want to lay eyes on or hold my child even if it's a rare occurance and the child thinks I'm a family friend and not his sperm donor/biological father. I also don't have to be in a child's life at all if I donate for a couple, but a photo of my biological child would be more than wonderful from time to time.

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