sweetscouser Afro Caribbean Woman

by Lillies7 » 25 Dec 2015

I am a 36 year old Afro Caribbean woman looking for a over 6"F white male co parent. I am a genuine caring lady who down to circumstances has not had a family of her own. Im 5f 7 work full time, love to cook and entertain , I am very family oriented and one day would like a big family of my own. Ideally I would like a co parent white professional, straight male who is not already a sperm donor as I have a slight concern for this in that Id like my children to know thier siblings and not possibly one day bump into them under different circumstances. This would be solely to protect any children.

I would like to find someone who can be a best friend and is happy to take the time needed to build a friendship as I really think this is important to any co parenting relationship. This is something extremely important to me as I would like it to be something long lasting and would like 100% involvement from the get go. I'm currently based in London but originally a sweetscouser from the Northwest. I have ya.ho..... but do intend to sign up shortly.

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