Successful Indian Donor Available to help :)

by s01234 » 21 Jan 2016

I am Indian asian, STD free and have the documents to back them up, young and healthy. Have no history of illness within family. Well educated, slim, athletic and happy person.

Successfuly donated and conceived a wonderful baby boy with a great recipient.

Travelled to them during their fertile periods. I can take time off to make things more easier for you as I find if you are relaxed and in a happy place during the insemination then you are most likely to conceive.

My previous recipient had struggled for sometime before with previous donors and partner but thanks to her feeling comfortable and relaxed we conceived :)

Hope to help others. Please bear in mind that I can be a bit picky. I wish no contact after the child is born, however, I do not intend to seed the world. Also, I am only looking to help families or individuals that are emotionally and financially stable and able to support a child/children in to a warm and loving family. I have turned down young and attractive females before on the basis I thought they weren't ready to take on the responsibility of a child.

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