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by Martin7A » 30 May 2020

Hi I started this Journey when a close friend, asked me if I would be a Sperm donor for her, so she could have a child, as she was in a same sex relationship, Once I agreed 3 months late she was pregnant, and I see the joy that gave her and her partner, So I joined here and have now helped 4 more women to make there dreams come true, So let me know if you need my help and Let's chat.

Good Luck

by CathnSuz » 06 Jun 2020

Hi, we are looking for a AI sperm donor. We are a lesbian couple and have had IVF once and can not afford to have any more. We are looking for a genuine guy to help me us become and fulfill our dreams of becoming parents.

Please can you give me some more info on yourself.

Eye colour
And a little bit about yourself

Are you also willing to provide info of a latest STI check from the docs. I know at the minute it’s difficult in the covid19 circumstances to get an up to date one. Thanks for your time.


Catherine and Susanna

by Martin7A » 07 Jun 2020

Hi Catherine and Susanna i have messaged you

by frannyb » 08 Jun 2020

Me and my lesbian partner want to start a family asap.

by Katy1215 » 09 Jun 2020

I'm interested can you message me

by Nikki283 » 09 Jun 2020


We are married lesbian couple looking for a donor for AI to have our first child

by Martin7A » 10 Jun 2020

I have messaged you and happy to help where I can

by Kelly202 » 11 Jun 2020

Hi martin7A,

I have only just made my profile and so I am not sure if it has been approved yet but I was eager to message you. I am not in a same sex relationship I am a single person. I’m not sure if this makes a difference to you or not. But I’ll tell you a little about myself. I have fertility issues. I have tried for a long time to have a family of my own with no success. My fertility issues along with my ex low sperm count and quality unfortunately ended our relationship. This however, has not stopped my burning desire to be a mum. After jumping through hoops with my consultant I have finally been started on a round of fertility treatment and do not want this to be a wasted opportunity and for me to become a parent. I would be interested in speaking to you further. Although this is all new to me, I do know there are some safety measures that need to be taken and would like to chat further regarding these. Kind regards. Kelly

by Martin7A » 19 Jun 2020

Kelly202 I have sent you mail

by Gwsmith » 30 Jun 2020

I am new to this site just getting to grips with it a bit nervous! P
I am 28 years old a single Lesbain based in central West London.
I've free of and have never had any STDs and am in good physical and mental health . I'm well educated ( BA English and journalism ). I'm financially okay work as a teaching assistant in a primary school so I'm experienced with kids. Although I am single I do have some very supportive close and extended family and friends . Particularly my mother who is in her early fifties but still in perfect health who literally lives a few doors down from me.
I would genuinely love to have a baby. In fact there really is nothing I want more. Sorry about the length of this message just thought I'd give a bit of background. I'm very much interested if you are too please contact me. Thanks look forward to hearing from you Gemma x

by Martin7A » 30 Jun 2020

Hi Gwsmith I have sent you a message and hope I can help you become a mum message me back so we can chat

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