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by Martin7A » 03 Jul 2020

I started this journey some 3 years ago when a good friend asked me to be her sperm donor, as she was in a same sex relationship, after a lot of researching and 3 months on, she become pregnant and the, joy and excitement upon there faces made me realise how much this did mean to them and I remember how I did feel when my ex wife told me she was pregnant at that moment, scared and excitement but bring new life and raising a child has been one of the best experiences of my life.
To date I have 5 grown up children of my own all doing very well and having very busy life's of there own they have all done very well and made me very proud of them all, and I have also helped 5 women to get pregnant. I am now 57 years old and still have a healthy high sperm count, last tested March 2019, last pregnancy December 2019.
I am only going to help 2 or 3 more to get pregnant then I am going stop helping.
I do not have any health issues or any family hereditary illness, I am honest, friendly,easy going and never judgemental, normal guy.
I do get up to date STI tested my last was December 2019,
When I agree to become a donor I make a commitment to give sperm donations 2 or 3 times when ovulating each and every month till pregnant.
Methods of sperm delivery (AI) for home insemination or (NI) natural insemination.
Sperm recovery for (AI) will be done at the receipts home or hotel room, keeping sperm fresh and alive is key. Sperm recovery is the very beginning of new life, and as such will be treated as part of the procedure with all party's there and can take part in the recovery of the sperm if they so wish to do so or a partner may wish to hold the recovery cup to collect the sperm, making this part of the procedure more natural and less seedy also less stressful for me, and one can truly say they was there from the very beginning.

If you do have any questions or would like to know more please don't haste to message me I am only going to help 2 or 3 more then stop.

by A1Man » 05 Jul 2020

I’ve got to say it sounds incredibly seedy to expect the woman to be in the room holding a cup to catch your sperm as you ejaculate.

I’m calling you out on this Martin, it’s disgusting.

For me donor and recipient build a dialogue, and a discussion takes place. Some may feel NI / lovemaking is appropriate, some may want AI. To me AI is a request for non sexual contact and not some sort of well if I can’t have sex they can watch me wank!

I also feel your technique here is to apply time pressure...I’ll only help two or three more people...hurry don’t miss out.

This is the first time I’ve ever called out another donor, but I trust my judgement and I think there’s something about you that would make me wary.

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