Successful donor

by Jayjay46 » 07 Apr 2018

Hi if your looking for a successful sperm donor in South East England please contact me I have a very high success rate and would love to help people start a family

by Gale2011 » 09 Apr 2018

Hi we are based in Kent? How close are you?

by shanlou3 » 10 Apr 2018


We are in Fleet, Hampshire. Where are you?

by Mrsw15 » 18 Apr 2018

Hi we are in Hampshire looking for a donor. AI only. Can I get some further info

by Saph » 03 May 2018

Hi I’m in south east London, can I have some more information please, many thanks, hope to hear from you soon :)

by krys11 » 08 May 2018

Hi I am in South east. Are you still donating? Please message me. Thank you :)

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