Successful and Responsible Donor - lets discuss co-parenting

by JMcL » 21 Nov 2016

Hi there - Im a donor based in Edinburgh seeking one last recipient to help, as donor or partial co-parent.
I will then cease to be a donor in order to stay within HFEA guideline numbers,
as I am responsible and do not wish to be a high offspring donor.
I wish to offer a donation to someone looking to be a Mum.
I have had a number of first cycle successes but wish to offer one last woman - who is serious about accepting help from a sperm donor - the chance to become a Mum. I am also available to provide siblings.
Please message me if you are interested and we can chat about it, discuss criteria and our potential as a suitable match.
Do not be put off if there are responses attached to this message, as many responses do not necessarily mean a suitable recipient has yet been found.
Once the suitable final recipient has been found, I will cease to respond to messages.
I am happy to either be an anonymous or known donor or to discuss a basic, partial co-parenting arrangement.

Kind regards...

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