Success stories?

by Leah90 » 05 Jan 2011

I am new to the site and am just wondering if anyone could maybe tell me a bit about their experiences with sperm donation on this site? such as how they went about it (delivery and transport, AI etc) and how they found the people on the site to be?
Thanks In Advance

by Claire17 » 07 Jan 2011

Hi ...
do your research the person you choose (google their full name for example i got a complete insite into my prospective donors views ) .. there are alot of people who bend the truth shall we say ... trust your instincts with people.
You will probably hear from alot of men who profess to be experts at this and those who insist on NI ... again I have, and others have had emails professing expertise and also free advice (if you give your phone number and details).
Its that old addage that If they sound too good to be true .. they usually are.
please read my note on forum about men who donate alot ... there are a few answers on there too, and Summer45 and I have been in touch .. she is hoping to set up a site for women who have questions about co-parenting, sperm donation etc..
Good luck hope i;ve helped u a bit .

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