Straight woman seeking women to co-parent!

by Kate888 » 29 Sep 2016

I am a straight single woman, and I would be interested in sharing a house with one or two (or more?) females and bringing up children together. I would be interested in talking the idea over with other single straight or gay women, as I think it could work well and create a supportive environment especially whilst the children are young. I am 43 and would like to adopt a youngish child, or two. I live in East London and would consider a move to the Manchester area, and I am open to other suggestions, particularly towards a good bit of coast. Please get in touch just to explore the idea as it doesn't seem to be much talked about. Is this such a radical idea in 21st century?

by Haliotis » 23 Feb 2017

Hi, Kate. I also live in East Anglia, and I'm considering sharing my house with another single mother to raise children together and help each other. I do want to be a mum, and it's going to be very challenging being on my own, and very limited family help. Aimed next year. I'm 39 y.o. Still interested?

by mentat » 24 Mar 2017

Hi Kate

I know this post is half a year old, but the situation you describe is exactly what I am doing at the moment. I am sharing a house with an old university friend, we are both straight females, I have two very young children from my failed marriage but potentially would like more one day, she is looking for a donor or a co-parent, also after a failed marriage of her own. We are expecting to invite a third party to join us, also someone we both know from our school days (and surprisingly she also is after a failed marriage, an extremely hard working junior doctor with a 4 year old, unable to find or afford childcare for night shifts).
We are both successful in our careers, working full time, early-mid-30s. Ability to get daily support (both emotional and physical) literally saved me from sinking into a deep hole of depression after my ex walked out on us when my youngest was 6 month old, and it was the best decision I have ever made.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, well in the 21st century you are perfectly entitled to build your villages yourself.
I am in SE London, will be happy to catch over coffee to discuss our experiences (there are some issues, especially with public acceptance of such arrangements).

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