Still looking for a donor in Norfolk or Suffolk

by LucieNor » 17 Feb 2017

We are a couple of women. We've been trying with a donor for several months without any success so I went to see a doctor and check if I had a problem. No problem. Another person offered us to give his sperm but he never did....
We are desperate but we don't want to have intercourse. We are looking for a man who just really and sincerely wants to help.... it's rare but we hope to find you ! Please it's very very hard for us, don't play with our emotions. If you send us a reply, make sure you just want to help a family to start. Most of men just want free sex, it's not really nice ! Please, just be honest with us. We promise we will offer a child a good life, a secure home and love !
If you could reassure us with an health check you would be the perfect person ! you can be black, white, small, tall, educated or not ... we don't care, as long as you are an healthy and nice person.

by Chippy » 10 Mar 2017

Hi. I'm Steve. I'm from Oxfordshire. But come to Suffolk a lot. I'm willing to help if you still need one. Thanks Steve

by essex20 » 11 Mar 2017

Hi I am an ai donor in essex are you still looking

by mscar » 17 Mar 2017

Hi, I live on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. I don't know if you're still looking? Best wishes

by gary_c » 27 Mar 2017

Live near thetford/BSE and would love to help

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