what STD checks need to be undertaken to donor insemination

by sunny » 29 Jun 2009

Can anyone give me some information about what STD checks need to be undertaken prior to donor insemintation? Also, as the recipient, how do you get confirmation from the donor that they have completed STD checks? Is there a medical letter or certificate which can be issued by a medical practitioner confirming these STD checks have been done? I'd be grateful for any information


by yavcht123456789 » 14 Jul 2009

Tricky one! If in the UK, you can try the NHS GUM clinics they will checkout your donor for you free of charge (or rather he has to make the appointment). For a printed confirmation they do charge about £10. Alternatively you could try one of the private clinics but costs do go up!

The GUM clinic will test for what they think is high risk, privately you choose what you want to pay for, you need at least HIV and hepatitis as these are killers. Check out fertility clinics - they usually do test that they feel are required to meet good practice guide lines (read - avoiding being taken to court for negligence!)

However, and it’s a big however, the test is only valid on the day it was taken on (or earlier) - so you do need to get to know your donor and be convinced that he is serious about protecting his own heath and yours!

by weescot » 16 Jul 2009

ok i bee honest with u most men dont do any check with females to have kids even if try help u but in my case i
had most check done to help them and keep me heath and them so no most dont want it but i do because i had all test done to help them that include AIDS AND BLOOD ONE STDS TO and all my test came bank clear so i doing right thing :D

by kenya5 » 03 Sep 2009

Thank U for posting the question as I wanted to clear this up also as I would also like to do the full checks as I would like to keep all concerned in good health.

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