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by Joris46 » 04 Oct 2012

hi am a dutchman living near amsterdam, i am asperger, so was einstein, my iq is 165, its a combination that will find his way in a loving environment, i am normally build, goodlooking, 46 years old, no children, and want to donate my sperm. ***@live.com

by Nik_Sin » 25 Oct 2012

People with Asperger's are likely to pass on the trait. This is fine. In fact, I often wonder if I wouldn't prefer an asperger's child to a neurotypical one. My friends with Asperger's are very intelligent, logical, honest, and don't seem to have troubles with drug/alchohol addiction. That being said, I do want to let people know that the risks of autism raise with the father's age. From age 25 to age 50 the risk of autism raises 400% according to a study I read. This is why we are seeking a donor in his early 20's. If anyone has more information on autism and how it is inherited, please share.

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