Sperm required!

by SallyMan » 03 Feb 2019

Please help. I am getting up there in age and want a baby. I am single. I cannot pay much due to being on benefits. I can however offer my company,such as it is! I drive and am looking for someone who's sperm has been proven if you see what I mean!

Thinking of insemination at home as is cheaper !

by Donor1 » 05 Feb 2019

Hiya Iam a genuine donor
I can travel
I have fathered 6 children

by sulla » 06 Feb 2019

what part of the UK are you based in?

by Cncrob » 06 Feb 2019

Hi. I happy to help.

by Jayj18 » 08 Feb 2019

Hi where u from?

by Jures » 08 Feb 2019

Are you still in need? I live in South Wales

by Central7 » 10 Feb 2019

Dear Sally,

Do let me know if you would like to discuss further.



by Dave1970 » 14 Feb 2019

Im happy to help..... Lets have some fun toooooo..

by Vj8452 » 16 Feb 2019

Hi are you still looking for a sperm donor

by MrMoog » 19 Feb 2019

Hi Sally 35 year old father willing to donate. I am based in Edinburgh

by DrVidri » 22 Feb 2019


London here. I am STD tested recently and I have a daughter who works as a child model as she is so pretty. I can prove everything. If you want a cute green eyed baby let me know, I will pay for all the costs.

by Define » 20 Mar 2019

I am the father of two children, its my pleasure to help you.

by asian40s » 07 Jun 2019


I'm interested to sperm donate. No charge obviously (because you mention it).

I'm in my late 40's with no health issues.

Let me know if interested.


by asian40s » 13 Jun 2019

Sorry, forgot to mention i've 3 kids also so 'proven' as you say :-)

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