Sperm donors over 40

by JJ67 » 15 Apr 2016

Recent research and indepth studies have concluded that the quality of sperm rapidly decreases in men over 40.

Both physical and mental defects have been identified in children born to 'fathers' over 40.

I am concerned that this site allows membership to sperm donors over the recommended age of 40.
What do other people think??
I know there will always be exceptions, but the research is detailed and raises issues about this site.

by ash80 » 17 Apr 2016

Have a look at the research of women in their 30s an pregnant. There's a lot of risk too.

by Jimbo2 » 17 Apr 2016

Well most sperm bank clinics allow men to donate up to the age of 45 years old. So that should answer your question.

by Danna » 20 Apr 2016

Well, FYI some men also lie about their age here. I noticed very active ones never "age", e.g. Stay same age on the site for years. And many of them do know really know they sperm count n motility, which can be a problem even in healthy young men before 40.

by Geysh » 22 Apr 2016

Obviously age will be a factor in a man's fertility, but surely it isn't the only thing to consider. Some live healthier lifestyles than others and have varying fertility levels to begin with. Charlie Chaplin fathered a child at 73. The woman's age is going to be a bigger factor than the man's!!

by Jbourne » 23 Apr 2016

Age is a factor for women and men.

The issue is really sperm quality of the donor and sometimes that is an issue in men below the age of 45. I think the lifestyle, diet and health of the donor is more relevant than the actual age of the donor.

by Jbourne » 24 Apr 2016

The age of men and women is just one factor in fertility and success rates. And sperm quality can be an issue in men below the age of 45.

I believe the lifestyle, diet and health of the donor is more important than the actual biological age of the donor. It is not too hard to find many examples of older men who have fathered healthy kids. I am speaking from personal experience.

by JohnPaul » 27 Apr 2016

Could you please list some of those "Indepth Studies". And list some of the studies saying "older sperm" are better at the same time.

The general consenses are with age and an unhealthty life style sperm quality and quantity tank.

The sperm of an older donor 40 to 70 who is healthy and active in all areas of life, reduces very little in quality and quantity.

The big differance comes in the genes. The DNA of older sperm donors have adapted to the environment. The best strands of genes in the DNA survived. The result is healthier and happier babies. Have a look older celebrity dads. Only the good genes survive.

by RusRus » 13 Jun 2016

On average the quality of sperm is going to be lower in a man of 40 than a man of 20 but it is also true that many men have better sperm quality in their 40s than a lot of guys in their 20s. There are many variables that can effect sperm quality so the only way to be certain of quality is to test the sperm.

Here's an interesting read.


by ronnie53 » 31 Aug 2016

thats rubbish where did you read that the daily sport? my dad was 57 when i was born and look at the older men that have farthered kids in there 70s there's no link to brain damage absolutely load of rubbish,
if a man is healthy does not drink or smoke and keeps fit his sperm count could be as high as a younger mans some times the ladies have trouble carrying a baby i have 7 kids and 18 grandkids and i am still able to help make a healthy baby thats rubbish about older men, where do they find these studies was the men they tested miners who never see day light for years, (nothing against miners)

by cutebabe » 16 Sep 2016

HFEA reduced the sperm donor age from 45 to 40 beacuse of concerns about reduced fertility and increased number of abnormalties. Read more here: http://www.hfea.gov.uk/docs/2010-05-13_SCAAC_paper_-_maximum_age_for_sperm_donation.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwipo_OwypPPAhWDBsAKHaD1AwkQFgggMAE&usg=AFQjCNFeVGEO8ORsdpQqbqPXEJqKC65uxg&sig2=yU0LO78meKZgAPd9zxsdIg

Research has shown that older women are more likely to get pregnant to younger men. They believe this may be because younger sperm has better motility and morpholgy and can penetrate older eggs more easily than older sperm. Defective eggs are less likely to fertilise and implant and more likely to miscarry. Miscarriage rates go up dramatically after 40 and it is believed this is due to abnormalities.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests abnormality rates in babies born older mothers is in fact due to the fact their partners tend to be older. The problem is only mothers age was captured in the past. NHS now capture the fathers age. Women who have younger partners are less likely to have babies with abnormalities although research on autism suggests large age gaps between parents are associated with increased rates of autism. There is also some evidence which suggests very young parents have higher abnormality rates.

Face it guys... your fertility drops too. Women who want to be single mothers have the right to choose whoever they feel comfortable with as they are the ones who will have to cope with medical problems. The fact that one person you know had one child with no problems (to your knowledge) doesnt change the fact that statistically the chances of problems are higher.

by Jbourne » 20 Sep 2016

Newsflash-fertility in men and women falls with age and there is higher risk of genetic abnormalities. Cutebabe you have not revealed anything new.
I was fortunate to have my kids after the age of 38. I helped a couple at the age of 48 and i donated twice in one cycle and it was successful at first attempt. The couple have a healthy baby girl!

My motivation was just to help. No financial gain or ulterior motives. I have never lied about my age as suggested by another poster and the happy couple were more interested in my health, genetically and physically, than my age.

Cutebabe I respect you choice for wanting a younger sperm donor but there is no need to dismiss older donors who just want to help!!

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