Sperm Donor Worcestershire uk

by sophia0 » 22 May 2012

Sperm Donor Worcestershire.

by mushn » 24 May 2012

Hi myself (Becky) and my partner(Michelle) live in Redditch and are currently looking for a donor so that we can start our own family. We have been together 8 years and celebrated our civil partnership in march 2012. Would love to chat some more and see if you could be the one for us. We want to do A.I only and would prefer it if the donor had no contact after conception although it would be nice if we could have little bits of info from our donor such as favourite music,hobbies etc so that when the child gets older it has information to help them understand more about themselves.
If this sounds like something you could help with itd be great to hear from you

mush and bek

by SexyJay » 19 Dec 2016


I am local to you in the West Midlands, I have an exceptionally high sperm count and have the test results to show I am very fertile.

Please PM me for more information and details

Best Regards


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