sperm donor who is willing to help couples and singles

by paul1lp » 15 Feb 2013

Hi am Paul

I am a Genuine - Reliable - Healthy - Committed sperm donor who is willing to help couples and singles in conceiving a child. I am willing to travel a fare distance and for extended periods if needed. I have a open and non judgmental outlook on life, with a friendly easy going manner. Which I use to hopefully help people relax and sometimes see the funny side of sperm donation.

I do not claim ;) to be a Doctor or a medical student (no wonder the NHS is in a mess there all on sperm donor sites) or have attended Oxford!! or the other one etc etc. I am just someone willing to help people in their quest to become parents.

I keep myself healthy - never smoked - very rarely drink (sad I know) and have no family medical or mental problems.

I am blessed with beautiful children of my own from a previous long term relationship and I have had the honor of helping 2 couples in the past conceive and have only recently helped another couple conceive :D . I seek no contact with the children but am happy to receive updates if agreed and willing to re-donate to people in the future if required.

As you might be able to see I have the ability to string a sentence together and have no need to cut and paste from other posts and profiles to form my own (I know who you are) :evil: Degree my xxxx :o

I do not donate to just anyone, that does not mean I judge people by how much money they have or by their sexuality, If I do judge people its on how much they are willing to care fore and cherish and love and to make sacrifices for this special gift of a child.

If you make contact please beware that I would like to find something out about you, to at some stage talk to you on the phone and finally meet you face to face for a chat. All this to find out that your Genuine and as Committed as myself. Please be open and honest with me, you will receive the same and be flexible in your approach.

AI-PI-NI Donor

by Sera1 » 04 Mar 2013

Hi Paul, saw this post and wondered if you could tell us a bit more about yourself such as age, location etc :)
Sera and Amy xxx

by brookie » 07 Mar 2013

hi there
andrew and myself are really wanting the baby touch to our lives we are married and have been together for three years we are both happy go luck people and all we have ever wanted is the touch of a little hand,if you could please contact us that would nbe great i am changing to a full member soon and it would be great to here from you

thanks for listining

andrew and brooke

by dan_gaz » 07 Mar 2013

How far are you willing to travel? My partner is ex-forces and I have a beautiful daughter from a previous relationship, but we really would like an addition to our family, my baby (although5) really wants a sister, bless her, but anyway, we live in Sheffield South Yorkshire, and what expenses do you charge and are you willing to be our AI donor, thank you x

by Dance42 » 22 Mar 2013

Hi there! Where are you located and how far are you willing to travel? :)

by paul1lp » 26 Mar 2013

Thank you for your interest replies have been sent to interested parties


by shell99 » 09 Apr 2013

Hi Paul

I am in Suffolk and would like to discuss more if you are still.available?be great to hear from you thank you

by sauber » 14 Apr 2013

Hi Paul
I have read your membership profile through a few times now and I have just a feeling about you.
I have been with my current partner for 6 years now and we are unable to have a baby ourselves after loosing 4.
We have a friend who is willing to carry our new child but we need a male donor to complete or new bundle of joy.
I have 2 grown up daughters of my own, but we do not have a child between us and we would really love to be able to have our own family.
If you think you can help us please get in touch with all of the details we would need to move forward.
thanks so much

by helen40 » 19 Apr 2013

Hi, this is my first time on here and im unsure how things work, i am a 36 year old single female who has always wanted children but has never met the right person, i have so much love to give to a child x

by Lexx » 30 Apr 2013

Hi! Helen, I'm in then same situation you are at the mo and I was just wondering if you've had a luck finding a donor yet?



by Lexx » 30 Apr 2013

Hey! Paul,

I am new to this and quite nervous really. I was wondering... where abouts in the UK that you are based?

I would also like to know a little more about the insemination process (may seem obvious to you but...? I'm really not sure!!) whether it be NI or AI.

Thanks you.



by PaznNic » 04 May 2013

Hi Paul. Wondered if you were still available for donating? Me and my fiance have been together for quite a long time now and have wanted children for a as long as i can remember, we have finally decided that we are both ready and really looking forward to bringing a little bundle of joy into our lives. We have no clue about how any of this works but we are very committed and willing to do what ever it takes to make our dream come true. We would really appreciate it if you could please get in contact with us so we can talk more about this. Thank you for reading :) Hope to hear from you soon.
Paris and Nic

by chippyc » 20 Jul 2013

Hi Paul,

Im a single female decided to go it alone! I am new to all this being today.... I just need the all important thing! then the rest is up to me and my baby!! Can you help?!

Kind Regards


by weeshan » 19 Dec 2014

Hi there looking for AI with no involvement if you think you could help be great to hear from you... I am 33 single and gay...

by Faith24 » 03 Jan 2015

Hi Paul
Can you message me more about youreself please either on here or ***@ hotmail . com , many thanks faith & Lyndsey x

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