Sperm donor wanted W.Yorks

by SofiUK » 13 Mar 2013

Hi me and my fiancée are hoping to start a family very soon we are both financially stable, been together 5 years this December and got engaged last Christmas. We have looked into all methods of starting a family as two lesbians we have decided we feel finding a sperm donor for home AI would be the best option for us ideally we would like our sperm donor to have blonde hair, blue eyes as my partner would be carrying the baby so we would both like it to have some of my features but as long as we have a healthy baby we are not too fussy!

If you would like to help please get in touch at ***@hotmail.co.uk

Please note we are not looking for co-parenting we purely require a donor only so if you would prefer to keep contact with the child then we politely ask you do not contact us.

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