Sperm donor wanted

    by bekah728      .      26 Feb 2020

    Sperm donor wanted.
    Natural way or artificial.
    Please get in touch with questions x

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    bekah728 on 26 Feb 2020

    Sperm donor wanted.
    Natural way or artificial.
    Please get in touch with questions x

    Jjohn on 02 Mar 2020

    Yes sure I am available.

    rob52 on 09 Mar 2020

    HI you need a my
    sperm for free?

    rob52 on 09 Mar 2020

    hi, can you meet me?

    gac17 on 11 Mar 2020

    Hi bekah
    I’m in south London & would be interested in helping you. I can travel to you as I travel around the country for work. I have successfully donated before

    Frank169 on 12 Mar 2020

    Send a pm

    Utile on 09 May 2020

    Hi there!

    Where abouts are you, and what kind of relationship do you want for your littke one?

    I live in Falmouth, and am prepared to travel.

    Ex-teacher, working with difficult children for 30 years.

    All my brood have left, but keen to have more.

    I may seem old, but I am very fit (raced for GB a couple of years ago) and am still very broody for more children. I own my own place and am still professional.

    Keen to Co parent, but willing to accept a godfather role.

    Keep well, in these times,

    Martin7A on 15 May 2020

    Hi bekah728 I have read your profile and happy to help you get pregnant and I am proven and have helped 5 women get pregnant in the last 18 months I also know that you will need to try 2 to 3 times each month when you are ovulating, yes I know what is needed to get you pregnant also I am willing to meet you and keep trying each month till you do become pregnant, I have up to date STI tests and willing to either come to you or you come to me just around the M25 I hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Wishes Martin

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