Sperm donor wanted

by Chand » 26 Mar 2019

Actively seeking for a sperm donor for Home insemination. I have had failed fertility treatment attempts so have to find alternative measures. I am London born female from Caribbean and South American background. I am a very special individual, full of enthusiasm with an infectious personality, Im one of those people who lights up any room I enter. I want to be a Mother, I have no parents as My family were and are still homophobic so I live my life without family, but I have a mountain of love around me from great friends and business associates. Yes, I run my own businesses and enjoy what I do. I care alot about people and have an amazing spirit. I like to believe in the good rather thsn the bad. Help me to be a mother before it is too late...I am 35 and my birthday is soon, really want my own family before its too late. Serious enquires only please. Thank you Kindly

by Smudgelj » 01 Apr 2019

Are you still looking for a donor

by Goldman » 09 Apr 2019

are you still looking for a donor

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