AI Sperm Donor Wanted in Newcastle Upon Tyne area

by JazAnne » 07 Jun 2013

Hi, I'm a 22 year old single lesbian and I'm looking for a sperm donor to help me conceive a child through AI. For the past 5 months I have been trying to conceive with a sperm donor but to my disappointment it turns out that he has a very low sperm count so the only thing I can do now is look for another donor.

I'm taking a break from trying to conceive until October 2013, so please make sure that you'll be available for donations starting in October. I'm looking for an anonymous donor that will have no contact with the child and no parental responsibility at all.

If you think you could help then please message me. I'm willing to tell you anything you need to know, so just ask.

Newcastle/Durham and surrounding areas only please.

Thank you.

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