Sperm donor wanted Milton Keynes area bucks

by bex1ady » 22 Jul 2009

Looking for a Donor in or around or available to milton keynes area. I would love the opportunity to be a mummy again and bring a beautiful bundle into our loving home. I would love to have a sibling for my daughter as i know this is important, i dont want her to be an only child. I have discussed my options with close family members who are very supportive of my decision. I brought my daughter into this world by myself as my partner was not interested in settling down with a family. Im a single part time working mum, My daughter went to private nursery 4 hours per day from 1 yr old until recently when she started school. She is a very much Loved Happy child , extremely bright. I have wanted more children as soon as i had my daughter, it is an amazing thing to be a mummy and am very proud of the wonderful child i do have, But when i leave this world I dont want her to on her own, Im not really interested in relationships as I have been hurt all my life by men and I feel I can do just as good a job on my own x Please help to bring another amazing person into this world with me x Thankyou for taking the time to read.

by midlandsmark » 10 Nov 2009

Hi i am mark, from Northampton, 27, blonde hair, i am a director of a small company in Northampton and would welcome the opportunity of meeting up to discuss further etc.

by bex1ady » 10 Nov 2009

Hi , That would be great, would love to chat iv obviously not done this before and dont know how it works really, Have you done this before ? Would definately be great to discuss further x Yahoo
kindest regards

by John22 » 26 Nov 2009

Hi I am a sperm donor based in Oxford.
I donated to Oxford Fertility Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital for 6 months producing 200 straws for assisted conception.
I then went on to donate sperm privately and have helped 3 couples conceive. They got pregnant after 1,2,6 months respectively.
I had a GUM clinic examination and was STD tested on the 9th October 2009.
I am willing to travel to donate.
I wish to remain totally anonymous as a sperm donor, and do not wish to have any contact with the child.

Thank you,

by bex1ady » 04 Dec 2009

Hi, Thanks John .
Sounds ideal, I am having probs trying to upgrade my account, so i should be able to message you as soon as iv sorted it x Iv not discussed this with anyone about how it all takes place, but hopefully can chat soon x
kindest regards x

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