Sperm donor wanted - London or surrounding areas (Essex/Kent

by ZRandall » 29 Jul 2018


I’m a 23 year old female looking for a suitable male sperm donor. I struggle to conceive naturally as I have pcos. I’m searching for a sperm donor from London or surrounding areas such as Essex, Kent, Buckinghamshire.

I’d prefer someone young, just in case you were happy to have any sort of involvement once the child turns 18. I’m also interested in white, mixed or Mediterranean men.

I’m currently at a fertility clinic exploring my options with PCOS but I know whatever the route it’s likely to be a long wait or very expensive. I’ve also split up from a long relationship due to the strains of pcos and I a quite concerned that I might never have kids.

Really thankful to anyone who thinks they might be able to help. And also open to slightly different option or ideas

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