Sperm donor wanted in Tamworth, Staffordshire

by LastTry » 05 Aug 2015

Hi we are a couple looking for someone trustworthy and genuine to be a sperm donor.

We would prefer a sperm donor who agrees to no contact with the child afterwards.

As we are a white Caucasian couple we would only consider a white Caucasian male to help us.

Thankyou for reading.

by ste111 » 06 Aug 2015


drop me a line.... im based in Yorkshire so not toooooo far :-)

take care :-)

Steve :-)

by MartinaF » 17 Aug 2015

Hi, would you like to use my husband's sperm? My husband is white (born and lives in Coventry), he is 5' 10" tall, blue eyes, brown hair, very healthy and from a healthy family who all live long lives. He is slim, but well built, and very intelligent, the only possible drawback might be his age, he is 55 now, but still very fit. He is one of 12 children so fertility runs in his family. He is from an Irish catholic family whose parents emigrated to this country after the war to obtain work. Both of his parents are still alive and thriving in their 80's.
He has fathered 4 beautiful and healthy children with me. He has donated many times before, as he was on the donor register at Walsgrave Hospital's assisted conception unit in Coventry before he reached their age limit. He also reached the 10 babies that any one donor is allowed to father.
In 2012 we had 11 babies born. In 2013 we had 6 babies born. In 2014, we had our first set of twins born plus 5 other babies. In 2015, we already have 2 baby boys and 2 baby girls born and are expecting 9 further babies during the rest of 2015. It might sound excessive but each and every one of the mothers has told me over the years, that their babies are beautiful and well advanced when it comes to developmental checks.
AI is all that's on offer, as he is sexually faithful to me. He AI donates to several women each month with great success. As for semen analysis, he has not been recently tested, but his pregnancy success rate speaks for itself............
He works all round the Midlands auditing site works for Severn Trent, and he has a company car and all fuel is paid for, so we do not ask for any expenses of any kind. The only problem we have is the enormous demand each month, but we have some weeks where there are no ladies looking for donations. Write back, I work in assisted conception and can offer free advice without any complications, all I ask is confidentiality as I'm not licenced to work outside the NHS.

Love, Martina

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