Sperm donor wanted for "NI" only.

by Angie » 07 May 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have been on co-parents for four months and the selection is rather dismal. The profiles are poorly typed or not enough information is given. I believe there has to be a sexual attraction to hop into bed with someone, so please post some pictures. Or better yet, pay for the site and send emails, instead of winks to retrieve the persons email address. If your really not serious as to why your on co-parents or just looking for sex, please stop wasting a lot of peoples time. I am located in the Mid-West and I am willing to put in the half way meeting, or even a mini vaca to meet. Single, white female, 5'11 italian/french hertiage, I am college educated and I have traveled the world. I have one beautiful daughter who is turning 4 and is wanting a baby sister. Can't determine the sex of the baby, but we can ask god for a healthy baby.

The reason for choosing NI. This is the way god meant it to be. Paying for a sperm donation, to me is going out and buying a car. Something growing and thriving in your body shouldn't be bought from a sperm bank.

I would like a 6 month commitment, from August 2011 through January 2012. This allows for less stress and more time to conceive. The reasons I have choosen these months, is to have birth from spring till fall. Mid-west winters are harsh and it's hard to take a baby out in the winter time.

I am looking for a donation only, please keep that in mind. Please do not be married and/or living with someone. I don't mind if you have a couple (2) children. But, if your out there supplying the whole planet with sperm, I am not interested. Your child should feel special as to they maybe the only one of a few siblings.

If your interested, lets chat a few times through the forum and go from there.
Cheers! Angie

by italyguy » 23 Jun 2011

hello. would love to help you. please read my profile and let me know if interested. :)

by baby_dad » 24 Jun 2011

Hi, I could commit to helping you. Take a look at my profile and let me know if interested.
Best wishes,


by Chri5 » 31 Jan 2012

Hi there. Is this with co-parenting or not.

I like your post and if you are still unsuccessful at this moment in time then reply and we can talk more.


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