Sperm Donor Wanted In Essex Please!

by bb100 » 04 Oct 2012

Please, please, please help us!! We are a loving, friendly couple that are desperate to get pregnant, but due to medical problems this is something that we cannot do without help! :cry:
All we ask is for a flexible donor with a provable clean bill of health that does not want any after contact and is happy to meet up monthly to do the 'transaction' with no really indepth chats etc. Non-contact AI only please! Someone quite tall would be a real bonus!!
We want to keep this as simple and emotion free as we can and hope this is understandable. We will of course pay for any reasonable expenses incurred.
Any questions please feel free to ask us and I hope you can find it in your heart to help us and make us the happiest people in the world!! :D

by SamJ » 14 Oct 2012

All the best to you :)

by Atsu » 29 Oct 2012

Look in to my profile and if u liked it then we go a head

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