Sperm donor wanted ASAP

by Ash12345 » 14 Dec 2016

Hi I am a single women who is trying to become pregnant i feel I would make a great mum I work part time and I would really like some help on becoming a first time mum if anyone can help please get In touch. Stoke area

by Kay770 » 14 Dec 2016

I can help you get pregnant asap
Pls get in touch for modalities
Many thanks

by GdIntnt7 » 18 Dec 2016

Hi Kay, would love to help you out

by donator » 18 Dec 2016


I live in the North but work in the midlands. I would love to help you with your dream and you can help with me with mine. Message me your contact details and we can chat more.

by SexyJay » 19 Dec 2016


I am local to you in the West Midlands, I have an exceptionally high sperm count and have the test results to show I am very fertile.

Please PM me for more information and details

Best Regards


by Firefly8 » 09 Jan 2017

Hi Ash I'm happy to help you acheive your dream of your own baby.

Let me know what method you prefer and how you would like to proceed if interested.

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