Sperm donor wanted in or around Leeds

by Zoe38 » 29 Aug 2012

Lesbian couple looking for an active person to donate there sperm to us. We do not want to sleep with a sperm donor we just need his sperm, If you may able to help get in touch.

by Zoe38 » 15 Sep 2012

It seems a lot harder than we thought to find a sperm donor in or around the leeds area. We managed to find a sperm donor (not from this website though) but we have been let down at the last hurdle, we are very dissappointed so we are back here looking again, i hope a man reads this and is willing to donate his sperm to us so we can bring a child into this world that we will love and cherish forever.

by absabs » 28 Sep 2012

Hello i am Dave. I am from derby and looking to donate.
Please read my profile and hope you contact me via a message and lets see if we can have a chat.
Dave x

by drnemo » 18 Nov 2012

I hope you've been helped already, but if you're still looking, I'm willing to help!!

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