Sperm donor Wales/cheshire WANTED NOT NI!

by ella79 » 26 Sep 2012

HI.............We are a lesbian couple with no other children looking for a serious and committed sperm donor to donate highly motile sperm (tested) to a clinic to create a sibling group ( so more than one donation is required)
We are not looking for co parents and would be happy to supply photos of baby/babies as they grow up.
We are looking for a specific type of man 20 years plus under 45...intelligent/articulate and sensitive.Physical attributes being Tall over 5.8 in height....slim meduim large in proportion build with either GREEN HAZEL OR BROWN EYES WITH BROWN HAIR....not blue please or blondes sorry.
We are a committed loving couple with secure incomes and loving warm supportive families and friends..in a stunning location within reach of mountains.Our potential babies would be loved, cared for and supported in the same way we were lucky enough to be.
If your serious please comment here thankyou x :D

by stevo92 » 30 Sep 2012

hi im 20 i live in Ipswich but i do have family in Ellesmere port and if a percentage of travel was covered i could travel i have brown hair hazel eyes and i am an aircraft technician so im quite bright i am 172 cm whatever that is in feet i dont know but if you have any questions please ask


by matt757 » 30 Oct 2012

Hi - I live in North Wales, and would be pleased to be considered by both of you. :)

by tracey2611 » 29 Oct 2015

hi I'm looking for just a sperm donor only !! in North Wales Cheshire area .. looking for a sibling for my 6 year old daughter

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