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by Geordy0 » 27 Dec 2013

Hello there first off i'll describe myself - I'm 6ft 2", Dark hair, Dark Eye's, Soon to be 25 year's old, good upbringing and good education and a good job and also said to be an attractive person which of course is subjective to opinion. The reason that i want to be a sperm donor is because i've recently just had a beautiful baby boy and it's an incredible feeling and can't put it into words. I then think about people who can't and may never experience that feeling which i can't even comprehend how that must feel and i figure if I'm able to help someone why not? I would also like to state - I am NOT looking to be a co-parent, I am already a parent it's just a gift you're their parents.

by candyles » 01 Jan 2014

hi there, im interested in chatting to you about possible sperm donation. may i ask where it is your from again

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