Sperm donor offering northwest

by D4V1D » 27 Apr 2018

Hi I’m offering to be a sperm donor

I am a genuine guy and not around to mess around

I am in my 30s already have my own children just looking to help some one else who isn’t so lucky

I am 5”9 slim blonde hair blue eyes white

I do not drink or anything

I am healthy as are or all my children with no medical condition what so ever bar the odd head ache

I am located in Manchester uk and I am only looking to be a donor unless other wise stated

I have 5 of my own children 3 girls two boys

I have a high sperm count - a lot of people say I only had to walk past my ex and she would be pregnant not my words

If I sound like the sort of person you are looking for feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you thank you

by Ema1051 » 02 May 2018

You sound like a nice guy,
I am looking for some help with having a baby, my partner was married for 22 years and had a vasectomy (silly man) but we have decided we would like kids. Would you be willing to chat?

by Tayla » 07 May 2018

Hi, we are a lesbian couple looking to start our family, you sound like a good guy, give me a message if you are interested in donating to us.
Tayla and Amy.

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