Sperm Donor , nottingham, east midlands

by arm21 » 03 May 2013

I am looking to be a donor to make others as happy. I am not looking to be involved after donation, but it would be nice to know how life is treating you and your future family possibly in the future.

I am currently working in security . I am a keen sportsman, regularly playing football and going to the gym , and would say that I am an athletic build.. i have never smoked and i do not drink alcohol.

I am STI free and willing to take necessary tests to confirm this.

I genuinely would be happy and proud to give a loving couple the chance to have their own child, a gift that not many people can give.

if you are interested then message me.. or email me ***@hotmail.co.uk

by Keri85 » 06 Jun 2013

Hi there im in a same sex relationship with my wife and we have seen your post and wondered if you had a profile on co-parents we could look at, thanks

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