Sperm donor North East from Teesside area

by PRE89 » 13 Jul 2013

Hello, I am a sperm donor from Teesside area but willing to travel anywhere.

The reason I do this (already had one successful child born with me as a donor) is because in a previous relationship, I found out my ex had 3 abortions without telling me, we can discuss more in detail privately if needed.

This is a wrong I can put right by giving life to those who desperately want and need it.

I am a successful young man, who at 23 has already gotten a great career, I am a chemical engineer.

I would consider myself to come from a great background and family, I am intelligent, motivated and have a great personality.

I will only help conceive through NI due to my own personal beliefs, but would be willing to go through all the necessary health checks.

Please, email me at ***@live.com

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