SPERM DONOR NEEDED- i’m in bristol, single female

by mysteri » 10 Feb 2020

hi, i am a single lesbian female living in bristol. so
as you can imagine the chances of having a baby without paying out tens of thousands or sleeping around with the oppposite sex to which does not sound or appear
appealing atall.
To make my life complete & for a good, well mannered , open minded and loved human to be grown and enter this world i need a sperm donor , please help me finally become the mother i was born to be and help complete my life and make me and my family i have around me as happy as
can be, kindest regards, teri

by Daveer » 12 Feb 2020

Hello There,

I’m willing to help you and give you the gift of child.

Read my profile and let me know if you are interested so we could discuss it further.

All the best


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