Sperm donor needed for aI for lesbian couple birmingham

by Leigh27 » 17 Nov 2012

Hello there we are a lesbian couple who live in Birmingham we are seeking a sperm donor for ai we are financially and emotionally stable I have 2 children from a previous rship but we desire a child of our own can you help us ??get in touch I'm Kayleigh btw

by o7sa_z » 04 Dec 2012

Hi ladies, Are you still seeking a sperm donor? I am a successful sperm donor and would be glad to help y'all. I am 3rd generation Chinese if you are interested. Very smart, and produce very cute children! Please contact me if you are interested!

by nodrink » 09 Apr 2013

hi i can be an donor for you if you know more contrat me on ***@yahoo.com

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