sperm donor, need to start a family

by lynz.w » 22 Aug 2009

for the last 5 years i have been having major problems with my stomache :cry:
it is beginning to get unliveable so now i am at a poin where i have hed every test under the sun, and i have to make some choices,
i need to start a family and see if i improve and if a baby does not help i will need to think about having my womb lining burnt away

so i am loking for help to possibly have a baby, i do have a partner/ oyfriend who i have been with for the last years but i dont think that a baby is what he wants, where as i really do and it may help my stomache problem aswell so im prepared to go it alone if its going to help matters, i have also been thinking that if someone else was needing help with having a baby then i may be able to help

thanks lynz

by ethania » 25 Aug 2009

So yer boyf gets the heave-ho? Strange.. but I wish you well.. be lucky

by lovetohelp » 26 Aug 2009

I would love to help you to have a baby and no strings attached if that helps you.
I am honest and would love to help you as a baby is a gift and I am sure it will be loved.
feel free to contact me (lovetohelp) x

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