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by Toy82 » 14 Mar 2015

Sperm donor

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I am a white male, 30 years old, who is available to donate either at your home, using home insemination kits, or through natural insemination. I am a clean, STD free, non-smoker, with no family history of diseases. I am current going through IVF treatment with my Wife at the moment, however I have a extremely high sperm count, so the issue isn't with me.

I am happy to help get someone pregnant and give them a child, why waste what I have?

If you are interested, please message me.


by lau96 » 29 Mar 2015

Hi, I just found your message and would like to wish you and your wife luck with IVF. Also, are you still a sperm donor? This is my first time using this website so I'm quite new to this!

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