Sperm donor looking to help in Surrey/London

by Alex4046 » 16 Jul 2019

I would like to donate my sperm to help the aspiring recipient to give the joy of having a child. I am new to this so may need your guidance.
I am married, yet my lovely wife due to health reasons is unable to have children, and I'm checking to see if anyone would like a donor.
I am healthy, 33 years old, white male based in the Hersham area, Surrey.
Any questions, however personal or silly, don't hesitate to ask, just send me a message :-)

by Brienly2 » 20 Jul 2019

I read you post and would like to get in touch with you to discuss more about it.

by Mel3491 » 27 Jul 2019

Hi me and my partner like the sound of your advert. We are a same sex couple and are new to this too. Can we know a little more about you please. thank you.

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