Sperm donor, live in Ireland but travel frequently to the UK

by Sean2 » 30 Jan 2010

Hi there,
I am interested in helping couples or single women in their ambitions to have a child. I have 3 wonderful healthy children of my own and I realise how they enrich your life. I live in Ireland but travel frequently to the UK, Europe and elsewhere due to work commitments. If you want to contact me then you can do so on here, my nickname is forcedhand. We can then chat by email, I use a popular webmail site ya should be able to visit!

by Ashley1 » 11 Feb 2010

Do you ever visit the United States?

by pearl » 20 Apr 2010

do you ever visit new zealand!

by 3cana » 24 Apr 2010


Have any of your visits brought you to:
New York, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or any close surrounding States within those ones the United States. If any others just list them of course.

How about Canada have you found yourself that way at all.
Like Ontario, Quebec, or any or Provinces. (If you know any that is).

Thank you kindly and have a great day.

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