Sperm donor in Vienna and Bratislava offerimg his semen

by elek88 » 28 Sep 2017

Hello. I'm a 29 year old man from Bulgaria, living in Bratislava (Slovakia). I have a very high libido, yet the women around me don't want to conceive. So I think it would be great to donate semen to someone instead of all that sperm going to waste. I'm healthy and like idea of fathering a child.

Both me and my parents are very youthfull looking. I am 6ft, or 183 cm tall, skinny type with cyclist build. I have a uni degree in Business. I offer sperm donation or/and co-parenting by agreement. I have been very busy lately with work to look for the One, yet since a couple of years I have this desire to procreate. :)

If you live in Bratislava, Vienna or somewhere close, or happen to be on vacation around here, let's meet.

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