Sperm donor in south wales

by Rassell » 13 Oct 2019

Hi everyone! I am new to this so don't know where to start really.. i have recently just come out of a long time relationship which broke down due to my partner at the time not wanting kids. So here i am now thinking am i ever going to have children, maybe i wont find someone else to have children with but i thought maybe i can help others have kids instead so here i am.

I am a british born asian male, 30 years old, 5 ft 8 tall, fit and healthy with dark eyes and hair. I come from a family with no history of bad illnesses. Happy to meet for coffee to see if your interested first.

If theres anyone out there looking for a sperm donor please get in touch. Happy to do whatever tests you want and follow what ever process of insemination for your ease of mind.

by tiggersm » 02 Feb 2020

Hi where are you please?

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