Sperm donor in London

by raj11do » 29 Sep 2018

Hi my name is Raj who is exceptionally clean. I am 31 years old man with no drinking or smoking habits. I have a dark hair and brown eyes, 178( 5’11ft.) highter and 78 kg weight. I come from India. There I grown up and finished my graduation and came to UK for my masters and working here since then. I oblained a degree in Computer Systems Engineering . I’m living and working in U.K. now. I am a donor of the sperm, and many times I helped to women to become pregnat. I helped several sterile pairs and married couples to have children. My sperm has good parameters qualitative, quantitative and the high vitality of spermatozoa. I do not transfer no genetic defects and diseases. I’m willing to donate my sperm for women or couples having plans to have babies for free. Remember, I am anonymous the donor of the sperm, I do not hold the contact with families and their children. If you have any additional questions to me do not hesitate to drop me line.

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