by Jaroslaw » 13 Jan 2010

Hi my name is Jaroslaw. I am 32 years old man. I have a dark hair and beer- eyes, 192cm( 6,4 ft.) highter and 90 kg ( 198,4 lb. ) weight. I come from easter part of Poland. There I grown up and finished University. I oblained a degree medical education. I am doctor of medicine. I living and working in U.K. now. I am a donor of the sperm, and many times I helped to women to become pregnat. Of course I gave back also the sperm to the sperm bank in Poland. I helped several sterile pairs and marriages to have children. I gave back them my own sperm. My sperm has good parameters qualitative, quantitative and the high vitality of spermatozoa.I do not transfer no genetic defects and diseases. I have made necessary laboratory tests, you can see it on my web page. These are negative research on ( HIV, WR, chlamydia the test, the virus- hepatitis the type.C, the sowing of the urine). My own sperm I give back for needing marriages and women on free. Remember, I am anonymous the donor of the sperm, I do not hold the contact with families and their children. If you have any additional questions to me do not hesitate to contact with me by e-mail .

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