Sperm donor - for natural insemination from sheffield

by kev32 » 13 Jan 2015

Sperm donor - for natural insemination

Hi - I'm a white male, 36 single, athletic, who's available to donate sperm through natural insemination for single women or couples who want to get pregnant. I'm from sheffield

by Millie8 » 12 Mar 2015

Hi Kev,

Myself and my husband are looking for a sperm donor. Could you tell me about yourself please? :) thanks

by kev32 » 24 Mar 2015

Hi there I will email u

by Beatric » 11 Apr 2015

I'm looking for sperm donor, please can you text me back.
Many thanks

by kev32 » 13 Apr 2015

Hi just email you x

by CThompo » 19 Apr 2015

I'm 21 Male and looking to help with Natural Insemination.

Message me if you're interested! :)

by Louismi » 23 Apr 2015

Why is NI so important to you? Sounds like offering sperm under false pretences. I'm not opposed but isn't home AI as good, even better, you don't need to worry about STIs.

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