Sperm donor for AI or NI (West Midlands)

by Helping4 » 19 Sep 2017

I'm a healthy white male. 6 foot 2, handsome, very intelligent and in good shape (passed military fitness and medical tests). I have dark brown eyes and hair. I'm also young and very fertile. Which is why I want to help couples and people desperate to have a family. If you want to know more and a picture of myself. Just let me know.

* STI free (can provide recent results)

* No illnesses or family history of diseases.

* Willing to do AI or NI.

* Can travel anywhere in the Midlands

* I already have a child. Successful conception after two weeks of trying.

by katp1990 » 22 Sep 2017

hi can u send me images please

by Kwilkek » 18 Oct 2017

Hello, me and my partner have read your ad and are very interested to hear more from you and about you and discuss with you our plans further and see how you would want the process to go through.

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